Get ready, cuz it's coming...

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Get ready, cuz it's coming...

Postby StacyBrooks on August 1st, 2010, 12:41 pm

Hey Family & Friends!!!

Several songs have been added this week, All songs in my player on Reverbnation except for the reggae song were recorded live. No voice alterations, just raw Stacy lol

I hope you guys are doing well!! ***Alert, I usually dont write long ones, but please read***** I dont know how to write grant proposals, business plans and such, but I do know how to sing, write songs and connect with ya'll on and off stage. I want to start off by thanking you again for being so supportive of The Stacy Brooks Dream and Band. This is all I’ve ever wanted to do and y’all make it possible. You come to my shows, sing my original songs back to me, purchase my CDs, T-shirts and laugh at my crazy jokes and stories. It really fills my heart with joy. Here’s the current hiccup in my dream, July 12th was my last day at work due to budget cuts in the company and you know how it is sometimes, “Last hired, first fired”. I thought, Geesh, just when I’m this close at finishing my CD and releasing it this summer”. Although, I love what I do in Corporate America, I love music so much more and look at this as an opportunity to dig deeper into my craft. Now I have more time to write and practice/learn my guitar. Well long story short, that 9-5 money was funding this CD project and everything else in my life. And then there was light. I recently received an inquiry from a dedicated friend/fan on how to pre-order 30 copies of the The Love, Peace & The Blues CD. So you know me, I’m looking at the email like “Are you serious?”. That person replied, that they are very serious and told me that others in my family and fan base might be interested as well. My mind was blown away, I’m learning that this is common to pre-order a CD now-a-days. I’m learning so be patient with me as I’m new to this whole “CD Executive Producer” role. So I share this story with someone else and they suggested sending an email out with the links where folk can make a donation or to purchase the Live CD that’s out now and or pre-order the forthcoming CD and T-Shirt. It’s amazing how people come together in a time of need. Another good musician friend had an idea of directing ya’ll lovely folk directly to the studio where I presently still have a balance of $138.00. I’m recording at the Platinum CD making Cue Recording Studios in Falls Church, Va. After you check out their site, you will understand why I chose to do my CD in Studio A at Cue.…However, it ain’t free. A cool factor is that you can also purchase studio packages and or gift certificates directly on their site. Schweet!! So if you would like to “Sponsor/Gift (my B-day is 20 Aug)” some studio time for me at Cue, that would be greatly appreciated. Of course you would be listed on the CD as a sponsor as well, it’s up to you. This CD features a duet with Kenny Neal, one cover, and 13 of my originals, one which is the live version being played on the radio now, “My name is Stacy”.
Just to let you know in advance who contributed to this CD. Some you might recognize some you might not, but they have already or are blessing this CD with their gifts, of which 75% was recorded last January.

In no particular order.

Multi Award Winning Kenny Neal-Guitar, Vocals, Harmonica, Co-producer (who will be here 26 Aug at one of my b-day parties-details later)

Grammy Award Winner Sugar Blue-Harmonica

WAMMIE Nominated Memphis Gold-Guitar, Co-producer

Multi WAMMIE Nominated Stacy Brooks-Percussions, Lead, Background Vocals

Darren J Fallas-Guitar (Former member of the Stacy Brooks Band & Current Memphis Blues Society President)

Ahmed Mohammed-Drums (Current member of the Stacy Brooks Band, Uninterrupted, Devine Nature)

Jeremy Boyle-Guitar (Current and original member of the Stacy Brooks Band)

Tony Fazio-Guitar (Current member of the Stacy Brooks Band, Electrofied, Charlie Sayles)

Lil Joe from Chicago-Trombone (Music Maker, Mudcat)

Elwarren “Spoon” Weatherspoom-Drums (Heatwave and Framewerk)

Skip Pruitt-Sax (Spur of the Moment & played on Toni Braxton’s first CD)

Dave “Super Dave” Harris-Harmonica (Poppa’s Band, Former member of the Stacy Brooks Band)

Anthony “Swamp Dog” Clark-Harmonica

WAMMIE Nominated Clarence “The Bluesman” Turner-Bass

Devin Ward-Congas (Founder of Devine Nature and owner of the Funk Lab Studio)

Charles “Reds” Adkins-Bass (Former member of the Stacy Brooks Band, MASFIK, Linwood Taylor)

Zach Maslanik-Drums (Former member of the Stacy Brooks Band)

Cue Recording Studio
So to wrap this up, you can now pre-order the highly anticipated CD, T-Shirts, purchase studio time and or simply make a donation. Thank you for taking the time to read this plea for assistance. Feel free to donate, pre-order, and purchase merchandise in person at any of our shows as well.

To pre-order The Love, Peace, & The Blues CD and receive the T-Shirt now, please use this link ... F44Z4B5DQS

To purchase only the WAMMIE Nominated CD for $10.00 plus $3.50 for shipping/handling ... RBBPBPCBQW

To donate $5.00 please use this link below. Every bit helps and is greatly appreciated ... GM7ZRSCAGW

To donate whatever you like, please use this link below ... CPDSXMK3HJ

All the other variables/combos are available with a dropdown menu at

Feel free to share this note if you know of anyone that might be interested. Thanx again in advance for taking the time to read and or react to my note!! We'll be back at Delta Blues Juke Joint in Waldorf Pitchin a Wang Dang Doodle, next Friday 6 Aug and every 1st of the month, (check the schedule for the deails)

Stacy Brooks
aka "Stackhouse" Stacy Brooks
aka Sunshyne
aka Babygirl lol
The Love...Peace & The Blues CD is coming soon
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