To Anyone Trying to Register on this Message Board

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To Anyone Trying to Register on this Message Board

Postby Crawlin Kingsnake on July 21st, 2011, 12:23 am

Because of the amount of spam and porn that was posted on this message board, we were forced to set the configuration so that any new membership requests would have to be approved by an administrator or moderator of this board.

With the advent of robots and spiders we started getting hundreds of bogus membership requests daily forcing us to filter our email so membership requests went into a separate folder so that we were able to see our personal mail. This made it a problem when every once in a while a legitimate request was buried in that huge pile. You should understand that the message you received after registering did not personally come from us but was automatically sent by this message board.

So to anyone who lives in the region and has a genuine request to join our message board, what you need to do after registering is to email me informing me that you have registered and give me the id you used to register.The most important thing in doing this is you must NOT have any of the words "Activate User Account" in the subject line as it will go back into the huge pile of requests. If you follow these directions your request will be acted on as soon as possible. Send to

We are sorry that we are forced to set up the board this way and for any delay in your legitimate request that may have been buried in that pile for some time. We welcome and need new users to help keep us informed and stimulate conversations on this message board.
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